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What is Ringette??

The sport of Ringette was developed in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario, by the late Mr. Sam Jacks. Originally it was designed to be a unique winter team sport for girls as and alternative to hockey. But, Ringette has evolved into a fast paced, exciting sport that combines the speed of hockey with the strategy of basketball. The first game played in Espanola, Ontario, was nothing like the sport of today.


The lines listed on the rink are used in the game of Ringette.

Thanks to the Manitoba Ringette Association Homepage for this picture.

A. Goaltenders Crease
B. Free Play Line
C. Blue Line
D. Free Pass Circle

Ringette is played on any standard size hockey rink. Five skaters and a goalie are on the ice for each team, unless of course there are penalties being served. The object is to score goals on the net of your opponent. The weapon on choice for a Ringette player is a straight stick with no blade. It is used to pass an 8" hollow rubber between team mates.

Play is started by a Free Pass, similar to the start of a soccer game. On the referee's whistle, the player takng the free pass, has 5 seconds to pass the ring to a team mate.

Rules restrict any one player from carrying the ring from one end of the rink to the other. The ring must be passed over each blue line to another player. Teamwork is essential for the ring to progress up the ice.


Player Equipment

Thanks to the Manitoba Ringette Association Homepage for this picture.

Goalkeeper Euipment

Thanks to the Manitoba Ringette Association Homepage for this picture.

Age Groups

  • Bunnies ages 4-7
  • Novice ages 7-9
  • Petite ages 10-12
  • Tween ages 13-14
  • Junior ages 15-16
  • Belle ages 17-18
  • Deb ages 19-23
  • Intermediate ages 23+
  • Masters ages 30+

    Ringette Masks

    Pictures of the different varieties of Ringette facemaks.

    Thanks to the Manitoba Ringette Association Homepage and the Ringette Canada Homepage for these pictures.

    Length Of Periods

  • 2 Periods of equal time (usually 20 minutes)


    Results in a 2:00 minor penalty. Exceptions are Major penalties 4:00, or game ejections.
  • Body Checks an opponent
  • Cross Checks and opponent
  • Interferes with an opponent
  • Playing with an illegal stick
  • Boards and opponent
  • Trips an opponent
  • Deliberately puts the ring out of play
  • High-sticks an opponent

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