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Oct. 23
Registration forms for the Port Coquitlam Teddy Bear Tournament can be picked up at the next McLaren practices. Our Novice team has already expressed interest in attending. Good luck to them.

Oct. 23
Players are still needed to fill our rosters. Bunny-Tween. Anyone interested please call Barbara Parkin at 492-4930 or email us!
We have Penticton Ringette brochure, so if you would like a few to pass around contact Michelle at the email address link.

Oct 14
The Port Coquitlam Teddy Bear Tournament dates and registration form has been sent to us. If you would like a copy please see Michelle or Barbara Parkin for information. The tournament will be held Dec 27-30. All divisions all levels.
COST: $475.00 up to Oct 31, $525.00 after Oct 31 and up to Nov 15.
Any questions please call Shannon Rosenthal (604) 522-1414.

Oct 13
Schedules for the first weekend games are available on the SCHEDULES link.

Thank you to the Penticton Panthers for allowing us to hold an exhibition game during an upcoming Panthers game. Dates have yet to be finalized.

Public Registration
There will be a booth set up at Cherry Lane Mall from October 16-18. Any interested players please come to register. There will be players and coaches present to answer any questions.
Anyone with videos for Ringette of any kind please contact Michelle Parkin 492-4930.
Bring a friend to register. If you know of anyone please encourage them to register. We are in need to players to fill Petite (ages 9-11) and Tween (ages 12-13). All other ages are welcome as well...
Thank you.

Executive for Penticton Ringette
President: Barbara Parkin
Vice President: Yet to be filled
Secretary: Barb Findlayson
Treasurer: Brenda Janzen
Publicity: Michelle Parkin
Officials: Terry Sander


Raedeen Duhammel, 18