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2000 Provincial 'C' Championships

Welcome to Penticton and Summerland, hosts of the Provincial 'C' Championships. We are pleased to welcome you all and hope you have a successful tournament.

We are utilizing both McLaren Park Arena and the Summerland Arena for this tournament with the semis and finals in Summerland. We have planned an opening ceremonies for Friday, April 7 for ALL teams to attend. Teams playing in Penticton will have enough time to get to Summerland to take part in the opening ceremonies. We are not sure who our MC will be, but we have an idea that local people will love.

Souvenir stands will be set up in both arenas with some interesting Ringette merchandise.

WE NEED YOUR TEAM PHOTOS! A deadline has not been set yet for submission of team photos, but we would like to have the program finished by mid-March. Look at the bottom for the address to send your pictures. If it is easier for you scan the photos yourself and send them over email, please feel free to do so. Our email address is Please include your team colours, sponsors, player names and numbers in the order they are in the photo.

If you require assistance in finding a place for your team to stay, we can send you out a package with the hotels and motels in Penticton that are giving us a sports rate. I also work for the Visitor Information Center and if you would like information about some of the accommodations in Penticton, please feel free to contact me.

The package will include:

  • Penticton Map
  • Summerland Map
  • Photocopy map of Penticton showing the hotels/motels giving sports rate
  • List of the accommodations giving sports rates
  • Complete listing of all accommodations on Penticton
  • Directions to the Arenas
  • "A Souvenir of Penticton"
  • ETC.

    We hope that your stay in Penticton is a pleasant one and your tournament goes well.

    See you in Penticton!!

    2000 Provincial C Championships
    c/o 1483 Leir Street
    Penticton, BC V2A 4Z4

    PH: 250-492-4930
    FAX: 250-492-4960