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Vol. 2

September 23, 1998

I just finished surfing through 454 sites that YAHOO! drummed up on Ringette. I'm glad to say that there were no negative comments about our sport. In fact I found out an interesting fact about Christina Cox of the TV show F/X. She played Ringette when she was young and living in Toronto. I'm going to keep searching for other celeberaties that played Ringette. As I stated in the last editorial I found out that Mannon Rheume, Jennifer Boterill, Therese Brisson, and Judy Diduck all played Ringette. For those of you that don't know who they are, they're members of the woman's olympic hockey team.

I was talking to a someone, who will remain nameless, about a conversation she had with a dad at one of the All-star practices. Apparently he had gone to the NHL All-star game in Vancouver and was present during the women's hockey team's autograph session. He had a "Ringette Dad" pin on his jacket. Manon Rheume called him over and said she used to play. She also told him that the coached of the team liked players with prior Ringette experience, because they knew how to pass and play unselfishly (surprise, surprise).

It goes to show where Ringette could be if we received the amount of funding and media coverage that women's hockey receives. Maybe if we all did our part and mailed the Olympic committee, we could make a difference. Who knows, the effort we put in today could give a future Ringette player the Olympic Dream......I know I have it!..

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