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As per the "Ontario Ringette Sport Development" Newsletter (Vol.1, No.1), dated May 2, 1998:

If you want to see Ringette at the Olympics, do your part and write to Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch at the address below. Write you own personal story, remembering to mention what Ringette means to you and how great a game it really is. Let it be known that you, as a participant in the game of Ringette, have an Olympic Dream. Worldwide there are 6 countries with National Ringette Associations - the same number of teams that competed for the women's hockey at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. Who knows? Maybe if enough of us write, we can make a difference. It's worth a try!!!

Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch
President, Internationsl Olympic Committee
Chateau de Vidy, C.P. 356
1007 Lausanne

Thanks to the Nepean Ringette Association for this Information

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