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Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to extend a few more thank-you's and pass on a few pics so far---!

Thanks again: To all the referees who did such a wonderful (and thorough) job!
Chad Gamache, Kathryn Brooking, Bruce Coulter and Bryan Brooking!

To Ron Ross, Bruce Coulter and Bryan Brooking for their many talents on the bench!!

To Janet Waddington (Fraser Valley), Linda Wallace (Abbotsford) and Jane Mowry (Nanaimo)for lugging their sets of white, red and black jerseys up to Penticton.

To all of you for participating, taking time out from your busy schedules to come and have some fun!

Here are a few photos----- The group photos seen here are too dark (darn digital cameras)--but Bryan's will be sent out as soon as he gets them back--(Give me a roll of Kodak film and a Pentax any day!!)---I am sure his will be fabulous!

Thanks again everyone! See you next year!!!!!!


PS---Congrats to the BLACK ADDERS for the best name prize-(even though technically there wasn't really a prize!!!??)


Linda WallaceAbbotsfordForward
Halena MacDonaldQuesnelForward
Jane MowryNanaimoForward
Jo Ann ScottNanaimoForward
Janice BrookingNW VanDefence
Debbie CoulterNW VanDefence
Joya GamacheNW VanCentre
Hilary SmithNW VanDefence
Tracy JanzenPentictonDefence
Michelle ParkinPentictonCenter
Annie HarkinsNW VanDefence

Joan SingletonQuesnelDefence
Carol PetersenWestsideForward
Jennifer KortWestsideCentre
Kathy KealeyNwestVanForward
Brenda JanzenPentictonDefence
Dana DangWestsideDefence
Carolyn WalshWestsideForward
Toni MoggWestsideForward
Mary Ann WalryFraser ValleyCentre
Denise KruselFraser ValleyForward
Andrea Lindsay (did not play)QuesnelDefence

Corrine DykemanWestsideDefence
Deb LitnoskyNwestVanForward
Katy MayrsNwestVanCentre(Forward)
Joanne YellandWestsideForward
Kelley PollockWestsideDefence
Linda GronsdahlWestsideDefence
Marilyn ShandWestsideCentre
Janet WaddingtonFraser ValleyDefence
Kathy KelemenFraser ValleyDefence
Cathy BryantNanaimoForward (Centre)
Beth RossNanaimoForward

Signe NielsenQuesnelGoalie
Lorraine ZimmplemanAbbotsfordGoalie

All the players attending after the first practice. Yes those are snakes hanging out of some of their mouths...those black team players...

Some of the Red (Red Wings) Team at the wine and cheese party on Friday. There's a story behind our name so ask someone who was there about it.

Some of the Black (Black Adders) Team who had snakes hanging off their helmets during the games.

Some of the White (White Trash) Team. These ladies had white trash bags attached to their legs when they played the Red Wings. How did you guys get up when you fell on the ice??

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