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By Alicia Ferri

This story is more personal, but Im going to share it, cuz I think its a hoot, at the end of this past year, I ended up with a string of injuries (nothing major). First, we were in Calgary and I banged my head...and had a mild concussion, then we were at Playdowns in Enderby, and I hit the boards straight on...OUCH! Then finally, the last game, we were playing Kelowna....and some how I fell...and landed on my butt, it wasnt a pretty feeling, now for those who know me, know that I fall all the time, Im the zamboni on the team, Im always falling constantly..all over the when I fell, it was like a routine thing...well this time, I must have hit the wrong nerve or something in my butt..and I ended up with HUGE bruise the size of a came to the point where I was taking the elevator to the upstairs in the college, cuz I couldnt move my was soo bad, and so painfull, but when i told people that I had a bruise on my butt, they dismissed it...I finally came to the point where I needed to go see a massage therapist...and it helped,--this all happend two weeks before provincials, and I reALLY wanted to go...of course , thats what we play for right? So I went and saw him, and he stuck his elbow in my bum, and it hurt like hell....Well I made the mistake of telling Shooshman(Terry, a ringette ref), and my coach Frank, cuz I became the joke of the team...every chance they got, they would ask, how my giggalo (my message therapist) was doing. ...and they would laugh and tease me about was embarrasing, but nobody realized how big my bruise was black, blue, you name was gross!! So to end the teasing, I decided to show everyone in the dressing room....they were like OH MY GOD, and they totally understood...but I never heard the end of it from Terry! IM GOING TO GET HIM NEXT YEAR!! HAHAHAHA!!!