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Email from Finland

From: Kari Haapanen
Date: September 12, 1998
Subject: Re:Ringette

Michelle Parkin wrote:


My name is Michelle and I live in Canada. I'm 20 years old and I've played Ringette for 12 years. This year I finally made a Deb all-star team.

I was just surfing your website and I saw the picture. I was just wondering what kind of pants you girls wear on the ice?? I'm trying to get my hands on a pair of Mospro's but they are hard to find. Right now I'm wearing a pair of sweatpants that I have made into ringette pants by sewing in a white stripe down the side. They're ok, but they do get a little hot. You can't buy Cooperalls here anymore.

I've also heard that there's a new Ringette stick that's made in Finland. What is it? Could you send me some information on it? Right now I'm using an old Copper and they don't make them anymore. I have a hard shot (85mph) and I find Stinger's too heavy. I want to be able to keep my shot and also have a stick that's legal.

Well thanks for listening to me blabber on. I like your page. Just a sugesstion though. Maybe you could make a similar page that's in english for people like me that don't understand your language. I love reading about Ringette from around the world.


Michelle Parkin

Kari Haapanen wrote:

Congratulations Michell. Thanks for your comments. About the pages in English. I would like to do that, but i have not enough time.

The pants are Koho and Tackla. I think Tackla is now owned by Koho or something like that. Koho's domain name has been stolen so I have not found them on the net.

The stick made in Finland is called RingJet and it IS very light. The problem is that the stick is made by a small company. They can't make enough sticks at the moment.

If You are interested in the pants and the stick i can get you some information where you might get them.

I think you should visit our discussion page (there is English on the buttons) and talk about these in there.

Bye now
Kari Haapanen

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September 18, 1998