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Did You Know??

  • Ringette was invented in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario by Sam Jacks
  • Ringette has been in BC since 1973
  • Ringette had a spot on Hockey Night in Canada
  • Ringette was introduced to Sweeden, Finland and Russia in 1985
  • Ringette was introduced to Austrailia and New Zeland in 1986
  • 1998, the first Canadian National Ringette Team
  • Christina Cox from the TV show F/X played Ringette in Toronto when she was young.
  • Woman's Olymipic Hockey players Therese Brisson, Mannon Rheume, Judy Diduck and Jennifer Boterill all got their start in
  • Susan Auch - Goal medalist in Speed Skating played Ringette for 6 years.

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    Page Created on September 24, 1998