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The BOB Story

By Alicia Ferri

I was in love with this hockey player , who played Jr hockey in Penticton, his name was Bob Anderson...Anyways, we had a game against Enderby, and our coach was out of town Vancouver, having a snooze or something, :) So our own Rick Mohoruk agreed to coach us that game, even though we didnt need a coach, he just loves us so much!!!

Rick knows Bob, well hes friends with the guy that letting Bob room/board at his place( I forget the word) ...Rick knew I was in love with Bob, and he had been teasing me about him..yes I was crazy about Bob okay? Sheesh, anyways before the game...Rick said to me.."for every goal you score I will give you a # out of his phone #! Thus I went a little nuts, umm yeah I know thats an understatement...for some reason, I was hot, I was RED hot. I was flying, everytime I touched the ring, I was making a play or something, my teammates knew what was going on...and they were in on it...Gosh, I had like 5 breakaways that game!!! I got 3 goals, and 2 assists...and Rick was like OH MAN, now I have to put my foot in my mouth! After every goal, I went NUTS!! haha, the other team had no idea what the hell was going on...but my teammates roared and laughed everytime I scored, it was a blast, Rick was teasing me though...he said to me you have 6 more goals to only have (250) The area code, IM LIKE AHHHHHHH haha ha...The other team now officially thinks Im nuts, but the girls were great...that was probably the most fun I had with a ringette game that was basically meaningless...